How Our Listing Process Works

Step 1Tell us about your property & your goals – Quick, Easy & Free!
Step 2We’ll look at the property with you & recommend a target listing price
Step 3We’ll walk through our listing plan & answer all of your questions, no-obligation at all
Step 4We use our marketing power to find the right buyers quickly and without hassle for you. We take care of everything start to finish.

Selling Your San Francisco and Marin County House Can Be A Quick And Simple Process

Jeff Marples is one of the most trusted real estate brokers in the San Francisco and Marin County, California area and our whole mission is to help make the home buying or selling process easier for you while keeping more of your hard-earned equity in your pocket.

From start to finish we take care of everything so you can live your life while we worry about the details.

What Price Can You Sell Your Area House For In This Market?

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Preparing Your Property for Sale

Detailed preparation is the key to achieving incredible success in selling your home. When you elevate the overall appeal to your home, you inherently increase its market value and demand. The reality is that a properly showed home will sell at the highest price. Here’s what we’ll do prepare your property for sale.

Inspections and Disclosures

We’ll coordinate the following pre-marketing reports, inspections and disclosures.

  • Home / Pest Inspections
  • Geologic Report
  • Title Report
  • Seller Disclosures
  • HOA Disclosures

Repairs and Renovations

Sometimes, repairs and renovations are necessary in order for you to get top dollar for your home. You can depend on us to create a list of recommended repairs and renovations and oversee the work to completion.


Staging can bring out your property’s strengths and minimize any weak points it may have. By presenting a well-cared for home in its best light, you create a positive first impression. You also eliminate distractions that prevent buyers from being able to picture themselves living in your space. We’ll connect you with a top stager in the San Francisco area who can ensure your property looks its best.

Professional Photography

Most buyers begin their search for a home with online research. If buyers aren’t sold on the images they see of your space, they’ll likely move on. Professional photography can evoke positive emotions with your luxury property and convince buyers to look into it further. We’ll provide you with professional photography that generates interest in your home and delivers buyers to your door.


An inspection is the ideal way to identify necessary repairs and make sure everything is running optimally. You can count on us to connect you with a professional home inspector who can highlight your property’s best assets and set you apart from other sellers by showing your home is an “open book.”

Transaction Coordinator

Selling or buying a home involves a lot of details. Our team will support you throughout the entire process. You can count on us to answer any questions or address any concerns every step of the way.

Market Value and Pricing Strategies

Many factors go into establishing the value of your home. Understanding these factors will help determine its fair market value and set sales expectations based on current market conditions along with the condition of the home.

Factors Affecting Home Values

Comparative Market Analysis

An evaluation of similar homes that have recently sold or are currently for sale is known as a comparative market analysis or CMA. A CMA can help determine a fair market value for your luxury property. It allows you to set a price that will attract buyers but at the same time maximize what you make on the sale.

Location, Locations, Location

You can change the condition and value of any property. However, the one thing you cannot change is its location. The location of your home is so important because location creates desirability, desirability creates demand, and demand raises real estate prices.

Market Environment

The economy, interest rates, supply and demand, and changes in population size all play a vital role in the market environment. When the market is high in demand yet has limited supply, home prices will rise. On the other hand, low demand and extensive supply will lead to lower prices. GPK realtors can talk with you about the current market environment and what its implications mean for your home.

Your Unique Needs, Vision, and Property

Your property is unlike any other property in San Francisco. Also, you are different than any other seller in the area. That’s why we take your unique needs, vision, and property into consideration before determining a home value.

Marketing Plan

Once we define the unique qualities your home offers, we can design a comprehensive marketing plan that paints it in the best possible light. Let’s take a closer look at the various marketing strategies you can expect us to implement.


First impressions do matter, especially in preparing your home for sale. That’s where staging comes in. Our professional stagers can come to your property and make recommendations (or provide furnishings) that will give the impression of a well-maintained home, bring purpose to every room, and help buyers visualize themselves in your space.

Professional Photography

Once the staging it set, we will have the exterior and interior of the property professionally photographed during the day and early evening. Properties listed with professional photographs attract more buyers and spend less time in the market than those with lower-quality photographs.

Floor Plan

Our graphic artist will measure your space and draw the interior floor plan. A floor plan can help buyers get a better feel of the property layout and determine whether it aligns well with their lifestyle. With a floor plan, you can allow them to truly understand the flow of the property.

Property Website

The photographs and floor plan will be used to create a property-specific website. A website dedicated to your property can give buyers the opportunity to learn all about your property without getting distracted by other options on the market.

Collateral Material

Our print materials include flyers, brochures, postcards, signage, and e-books. We will use several or all of these materials to promote your property to the ideal audience.


You can expect us to list your property on Top Agent Network (TAN) prior to the San Francisco Multiple Listing Services (MLS). We’ll make sure the property details are syndicated to the top real estate portals, create web ad campaigns, retarget active buyers, and push content with our e-blast property statements.

Proactive Approach

Over the 40+ years we’ve been in business, we have created an amazing database of former clients and people within our collective sphere of influence. You can depend on us to call people and make the right connections. We make sure to take advantage of all the opportunities that technology offers, but we also have no problem doing things the old-fashioned way.


We’ll get your property in front of the right audience through a variety of showings. We’ll host open houses for buyers, broker open houses, and private showings.

Trade Publication

We are a regular advertiser in the Nob Hill Gazette, a premier luxury lifestyle publication in the San Francisco Bay area. It’s been around for over 41 years, the perfect place to promote luxury real estate properties.

Leveraging Technology

At GPK Luxury Real Estate, we make it a priority to leverage technology to reach potential buyers and get your property sold in a timely fashion. Let’s dive deeper into the various ways technologies we use.

Relationship Marketing

We are all about forming long-lasting relationships with our clients. Instead of encouraging a one-time sale, we try to foster loyalty by providing unparalleled customer service and staying in touch with our clients via email, social media, and other tactics.

Social Media

A strong social media strategy has never been more important. Since social media has become such a vital part of daily life, we use it to connect with potential buyers of luxury properties. By displaying photos, videos, and content about your property on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we can drive traffic to your property website and get buyers excited about seeing it in person.

Email Marketing

We keep in touch with former clients and engage with new ones through email marketing. We can highlight your property in one of our email newsletters. Email marketing puts your home in front of our clients as well as their extensive networks of high-profile individuals who may be in the market for a new property in San Francisco.

E-Signing Services

E-signing services such as Docu-Sign are readily available to help complete real estate transactions with ease and convenience. They offer secure and legal e-signatures as well as personal task lists and file sharing. We are pleased to use these services to simplify the process.

Effective CRM and Database

Thanks to our unique Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and database, we’re able to track buyer leads as well as manage deals, offers, and closings. We are constantly improving our CRM and database to meet the ever-evolving needs of the luxury real estate market in San Francisco.

Top Agent Network

Established in 1995, the Top Agent Network is the only online network built exclusively for verified top agents. It provides a simple way for the best local real estate agents to connect and exchange exclusive information. We are a part of this network and often use it to connect sellers with potential buyers.

GPK’s International Outreach

You may be surprised to learn that in 2018, international buyers spent an estimated $121 billion on residential U.S. real estate and approximately 47% of purchases by international buyers are all cash.

For these reasons, GPK Luxury Real Estate has created an aggressive strategy for attracting international home buyers to our listings. By distributing your listing information, along with photographs to a wide array of premier consumer websites around the world, we maximize every opportunity to attract qualified buyers.

Our listings appear across a network of over 100 trusted international websites, including the leading real estate websites in the U.K., China, and India.

Understanding Transaction Fees

If you’re planning on selling a luxury property in San Francisco, it’s important to gain a thorough understanding of the transaction fees that may be involved. These fees include the following.

Inspection Fees

Inspection fees depend on the size of the property and whether or not an inspection is necessary.

City Ordinance Reports

City ordinance report include JCP Geologic and Tank cert.

HOA Transfer

Homeowners Association or HOA fees vary from building to building and management.

Document Preparation Fees

Fees to prepare the various documents involved in a real estate transaction can be expected.

Transfer Tax

Property value determines transfer tax. Transfer tax rates are as follows:

  • $6.8 / 1000 up to $1M
  • $7.5 / 1000 up to $5M
  • $22.5/1000 up to $10M
  • $27.5 / 1000 up to $25M

Brokerage Selling Fee

We propose a total commission of 5% of the Selling Price, which will be split 50/50 between listing/selling brokers.